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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[USA] Proposed HR 1173 would repeal CLASS Act

HR 1173
<>  is
expected to reach the floor of the House of Representatives soon.
THOMAS provides the following summary of the bill:
       Fiscal Responsibility and Retirement Security Act of 2011 -
Repeals provisions of the Public Health Service Act enacted under the
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (entitled the Community
Living Assistance Services and Supports Act or the CLASS Act) which
establish a national, voluntary insurance program for purchasing
community living assistance services and supports in order to provide
individuals with functional limitations with tools that will allow them
to maintain their personal and financial independence and live in the
Currently there are an estimated 10 million Americans who need long-term
services including personal care.  Given our steadily rising average age
this number is rising.  For Americans with Disabilities, long-term care
is a critical tool for independent living but most cannot afford
coverage. "CLASS Act", the Community Living Assistance Services and
Supports Act  (a program under The Patient Protection and Affordable
Care Act) was enacted to  enable millions of people to buy affordable
long-term care insurance to provide home and community based care.
CLASS ACT has the potential to allow people with disabilities to
continue to live and work in their communities rather than move into
nursing homes and other institutions.  Home care generally costs less
than institutional care; the national average cost of a private room in
a nursing home is $70,000 per year while a home health care worker earns
$25 an hour.  An estimated third of federal and state Medicaid expenses
($111 billion in 2009) is on long-term care.

       Read the full text of the proposed bill and follow its status by
visiting THOMAS
<>  If
you have an opinion you can share it with the sponsors listed there or
your own representative.

       Read The AAPD's Position at:

L. Scott Lissner, University ADA Coordinator
Office Of Diversity and Inclusion
281 W. Lane Ave
Columbus, OH 43210-1266

(614) 292-6207(v); (614) 688-8605(tty)
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