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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hearne Award nominations

On behalf of the Commission's Hearne Award committee, I am pleased to
announce that nominations for the Hearne Award are now being accepted.

Since 1999, the Hearne Award is the ABA's long standing recognizance of
the excellent work people have done to advance the cause for of people
with disabilities.  Previous Hearne Awardees have included Dr. Marc
Maurer and Daniel Goldstein (2011), the Disability Rights Legal Center
(2010), and Claudia B. Center (2009).

More information about the nomination process can be found at the
following URL:
> .

I encourage everyone to pass along this information to any and all that
would be interested so that we can continue to recognize the dedication
and passion that people have brought for disability rights.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays.  Here's to a great start
to 2012 for us all!

Best regards,

Faye Kuo

Chair of the Hearne Award Committee


The Hearne Award, created in 1999 by the American Bar Association
Commission on Disability Rights, honors the work of Paul G. Hearne, a
lawyer who was born with a connective tissue disorder. Although Mr.
Hearne's disease limited his growth to less than four feet and
restricted his movement, his mark on the disability rights movement,
especially from a legal perspective, was tremendous. He founded the
first legal services office in New York for people with disabilities,
authored the first national legal handbook on disability rights, and
helped draft the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The award is
presented to an individual who has performed exemplary service in the
furtherance of access to justice for people with disabilities, or to an
organization or group that furthers the goal of full participation for
people with disabilities in society.


Nominate an individual or an organization/group that performed exemplary
service in the furtherance of access to justice for people with
disabilities or furthers the goal of full participation for people with
disabilities in society. Examples of eligible organizations or groups
include: (1) disability advocacy organizations; (2) a law firm or law
practice; (3) a state or local bar association; (4) a nonprofit legal
services program; (5) a law school clinic or academic-affiliated
program; or (6) a law-related program providing representation for
people with disabilities.

The following individuals and organizations/groups are ineligible:

1. self-nominations;

2. a current member of the Commission or his or her immediate family
members; or

3. an individual that works at the same organization, company, or entity
as a current Commission member, or an organization, company, or entity
where a current Commission member works.


No application will be considered until the Commission on Disability
Rights has received the complete application that includes: the
nomination form; a description of your nominee's qualifications (no more
than two pages inserted below); and a list of your nominee's
accomplishments (no more than ten pages inserted below). Note:
attachments are limited to files 2.5 MB in size and to the following
file type: adobe pdf. All documents must be received or postmarked by
April 15, 2012. For questions, please contact Michael J. Stratton at
202-662-1571 (phone) or (e-mail).

For more details about the Hearne Award, please visit:

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