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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Upcoming documentary film on disability and sexuality

Please circulate widely: official announcement from grassroots disability
justice performance project on upcoming documentary film

Sins Invalid: An Unshamed to Beauty in the Face of Invisibility (aka
"Sins") is a San Francisco/Bay Area based performance project that
incubates and celebrates artists with disabilities, centralizing artists of
color and queer and gender-variant artists as communities who have been
historically marginalized.  For the last five years, our performance work
has explored themes of sexuality, embodiment, and the disabled body to
sold-out audiences.

Sins – The Film
We have reached nearly 4,000 people through live Sins Invalid
performances.  But we've consistently heard from people who can't make it
to the Bay Area that want to experience Sins.  We're proud to say that in
conjunction with the Aepoch Fund we've almost finished making a 41-minute
film that reflects our groundbreaking performance work and weaves
interviews of artists and co/founders alongside unreleased performance
footage to serve as an entryway into the absurdly taboo topic of sexuality
and disability.

With this film, we can magnify our message that ALL people and communities
are beautiful and valuable.  Imagine how many more lives and communities
would change if people engaged in that simple message!  And, we still need
you to premiere this film!!  Visit us at

What We Have and What We Need
We're in the final stages of production.  We are committed to completing
the film – so committed in fact that we are donating personal resources to
move it forward.  You know how artists stretch a dollar to make $100 worth
of creativity happen.  We're stretching but your partnership will premiere
this film!

We are raising $15,000 through the online platform Kickstarter.  It will
help us reach out to new communities – but there's a catch.  Kickstarter is
an all or nothing platform – so we will receive the funds only if we raise
the entire amount.

Your contribution will help lead us through the end stages of film
production – sound editing and creating music, correcting the color,
adjusting the titles, beginning the distribution launch.

Please share in the truth that beauty always recognizes itself.  Be a part
of completing a groundbreaking film on disability and sexuality. Visit us

What people say…
The world of enforced and embodied norms constricts all of us, regardless
of where we identify on the spectrums of sexuality, gender, or ability.  In
this project, people with disabilities are engaging in the wholeness of our
bodies and our sexualities.  Visit us at  When people
experience our shows they are deeply impacted:

"I am moved beyond words, moved to an emotional state that I can't quite
explain. Thank you for making this space possible!"- audience member 2011

"You are brilliant and beautiful and help me remember that so am I.  Thank
you." - audience member 2011

"What makes Sins Invalid so powerful is that it thoroughly succeeds
artistically and erotically, separate from the impact of its political
message. Sins Invalid challenges its audience to think about sexuality,
beauty, and disability in new and expanded ways. But Sins Invalid is also,
quite simply, a hot, arousing, sexually charged evening of
thought-provoking, imaginative sexual entertainment that only happens to be
entirely by and about people with disabilities." - David Steinberg, SFGate

"One of the most powerful shows I have been to ever.  The creativity and
expression and depth literally took my breath away." - audience member 2009

"Sins Invalid's work is a vibrant necessity in this age of bland
complacency. The art that is presented brings the intersectionality of
race, gender, class, and ability and throws it in your face, forcing the
viewer to come to terms with how these realities are not so different and
yet so different for those with disabilities. And this is beautifully done
with the erotic and the body." - Phem Magazine

"Mesmerizing, thought provoking and hypnotic, erotic and humorously joyful,
sad, hopeful intense and rebellious." - audience member 2008

Brooke Willock
MA Candidate
San Francisco State University
Department of Women and Gender Studies

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