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Monday, January 9, 2012

January 15 deadline for scholarships / MARCH 1 DEADLINE to REGISTER: 2012 International Faculty Development Seminar in France, Disability in Situation: French Notions of Disability and Difference

Wonderful Opportunity!


Interested in a new CIEE Faculty Seminar on "Disability in Situation: French Notions of Disability and Difference" (<> Due date to apply is March 1, 2012 but there is a January 15 due date if you want to apply for a $1000-$1500 fellowship towards participation in the seminar. After reading about the seminar, click on "Application" information and then Ping Faculty Development Fellowship to learn more.


Online Lecture on French Notions of Disability with Myriam Winance on Tuesday, February 28th at 1 pm EST. An hour talk followed by 30 minutes for questions and discussion. She is an international scholar scheduled to lecture during the Summer 2012 CIEE International Faculty Development Seminar in Paris. Read her full bio, sign up for the lecture and consider applying for the summer seminar at: <>


2012 International Faculty Development Seminar in France

Disability in Situation: French Notions of Disability and Difference

This seminar will examine French disability policies, with a focus on the educational domain, and considering European legislation and its impact. We will also look at metaphors of disability and ability, of the "normal" and the marginal, and examine the kinds of perceptions and communities that emerge around particular disabilities (blindness, reduced mobility, etc.). We bring together French scholars, university "access" professionals, and disability-rights activists to share their scholarship and experience in a collaborative setting with U.S. faculty, administrators, and activists, in hopes of creating interesting conversations between these groups, and between the "temporarily able-bodied" (to use a telling US term) and those "in a disabled situation" -- to use the French formulation which emphasizes that disability is a relationship between a person and society, rather than being inherent in a person.

More details can be found at <>

Date and time: Summer 2012, June 28th-July 4th

Location: Paris, France

Sponsor: CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange)

Category: International Faculty Development Seminars

Contact information: Teri Coviello, IFDS Manager, CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange)

Email address:

Contact Information:

Devva Kasnitz, PhD
President, Society for Disability Studies,
Devvaco Consulting/New Focus Partnerships
Coordinator, Disability Research Interest Group, Society for Medical Anthropology
Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology
Committee on Minority Issues in Anthropology, American Anthropological Association
Listserv Manager, NAPA-OT Interest Group


Mailing Address:
1614 D St
Eureka, CA 95501
Voice: 707-443-1973
Cell Phone: 510-206-5767
I recommend email or text as a first method of contact if you do not know me. 

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