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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Eavan Boland on Faith

“I remember driving down the Dublin roads, where the laburnum and lilac filled the verges with yellow and violet, and listening to my car radio. Something seemed to have happened that was not faith, and could not be called religion; that was short of hysteria and yet by no means rational,” wrote Eavan Boland in her January 12th, 1995 essay When the Sprit Moves. 

Boland described the summer of 1985, when a statue of the Virgin Mary appeared to move, and how an outpouring of belief challenged her preconceived notions of intellect. 
Eavan Boland died this week at age 75, a great loss to the world of poetry and letters. We’ll be sharing her essay throughout the month of May and we hope you will too.

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