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Friday, August 3, 2012

Disability Studies Quarterly (DSQ) Summer 2012 (32.3) Issue is now published/live!


The Super-size Summer 2012 issue has now, at long last, been published and
you can view it directly online at: http://dsq-sds/org

It is a monstrous issue (and we use that term affectionately)--the largest
ever for DSQ--featuring 3 regular peer reviewed articles, a creative piece,
4 book/media reviews, and TWO special issues.  The first is a special issue
on *"Movement Politics,"* edited by Michael Ralph and containing 8 pieces.
The second special issue is focused on *"Work and Disability"* and
co-edited by Donna Lero, Carolyn Pletsch, and Margo Hilbrecht; it features
9 pieces. Both of these special issues obviously take up subjects that are
timely and of deep interest to our field, and both do so in the rich
interdisciplinary manner that Disability Studies typically engages.

This is also the last issue that Brenda Brueggemann and Scot Danforth will
be co-editing!  We leave the journal with strong leadership from Bruce
Henderson (Ithaca College) and Noam Ostrander (DePaul University).

Enjoy what remains of your summer!

Brenda & Scot

You can browse the Summer issue content directly below:
Vol 32, No 3 (2012): Double Special Issue: "Movement Politics" & "Work and
Disability: Toward Re-conceptualizing the 'Burden' of Disability" Table of
Contents Prefatory Matter  Call for Papers: Disabilities in Children's
Literature: A Special Issue of Children's Literature Association Quarterly
HTML <>   Scott Pollard
 Articles  Does Dis/ability Now Sit at the Table(s) of Social Justice and
Multicultural Education? - A Descriptive Survey of Three Recent
HTML <>   David Connor
  Prenatal Testing, Disability, and Termination: An Examination of
Newspaper Framing <>
HTML<>  Carol Bishop Mills,
Elina Erzikova
  The Stimulus Effects of Employment Programs for Minnesota's Disabled
Citizens: A Case Study of Merrick, Inc.<>
HTML <>   C. Ford Runge
 Creative Works  My Bipolar Body
HTML<>  Jennifer Eisenhauer
 Special Topic: Movement Politics  Introduction: Movement Politics
HTML<>  Michael Ralph

"Life…in the midst of death": Notes on the Relationship Between Slave
Insurance, Life Insurance and Disability<>

 HTML <>   Michael Ralph

Incurable Blackness: Criminal Disenfranchisement, Mental Disability, and
the White Citizen <>
HTML<>  Andrew Dilts

What Wounds Enable: The Politics of Disability and Violence in
HTML <>   Laurence Ralph

HUG <>
HTML<>  Khary Jones

Reflections on Seeing HUG <>
HTML<>  Emily Martin
  Tamara's Opus HTML <>   Joshua
  Crisis, Class, and Disability in Argentina: Red por los Derechos de las
Personas con Discapacidad <>
HTML<>  Stuart Schrader,
Facundo Chavez Penillas
  From Phantoms to Prostheses <>
HTML<>  Emily Cohen
 Special Topic: Work and Disability: Toward Re-conceptualizing the 'Burden'
of Disability  Introduction to the Special Issue on Disability and Work:
Toward Re-Conceptualizing the 'Burden' of Disability
HTML<>  Donna Lero, Carolyn
Pletsch, Margo Hilbrecht
  Trapped Between Ableism and Neoliberalism: Critical Reflections on
Disability and Employment in India <>
HTML <>   Arun Kumar, Deepa
Sonpal, Vanmala Hiranandani
  'No Rights without Responsibilities': Disability Rights and Neoliberal
Reform under New Labour <>
HTML<>  Randall Owen, Sarah
Parker Harris
  Disability and Work: The United Republic of Tanzania's Workplace Policies
in the Persons with Disabilities Act of
HTML <>   Heather Aldersey
  Disability as an Asset? Reflections on Employment Patterns in the Health
and Social Care Sector <>
HTML<>  Tone Alm Andreassen
  Disabled Capitalists: Exploring the Intersections of Disability and
Identity Formation in the World of Work<>
HTML <>   Dustin Galer
  An Issue of Occupational (In)justice: A Case
HTML <>   Jyothi Gupta
  University Graduates with a Disability: The Transition to the
HTML <>   Jennifer Gillies
  Citizenship in Name Only: Constructing Meaningful Citizenship through a
Recalibration of the Values Attached to Waged
HTML <>   Marion MacGregor
  An Interview with David Onley: On Leadership, Inclusivity, and
Re-conceptualization <>
HTML<>  Carolyn Pletsch
 Book and Film Reviews  Review of Potts, Good Eggs: a Memoir & Tsigdinos,
Silent Sorority: A (Barren) Woman Gets Busy, Angry, Lost and Found
HTML<>  Crystal Benedicks

Review of Bell, Blackness and Disability: Critical Examinations and
Cultural Interventions HTML
<>  Adam P. Newman

Review of Schuster, Neurasthenic Nation: America's Search for Health,
Happiness, and Comfort, 1869-1920
HTML<>  Kim E. Nielsen

Review of Straus, Extraordinary Measures: Disability in Music
HTML<>  Tara K. Wood

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