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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Diabetic homeless man, evicted by a Council in the UK, needs your help

The below is a letter from Rob, and posted here with his permission:

I'm still having a hellish time, getting nowhere with council.
Had bad hypo's two days in a row due to spending all my benefits
on a room and leaving nothing for food.
Even Newcastle Council wouldn't help me for food yesterday because
they said I have no local connection despite working there until i
got sick. I almost collapsed in the council office yesterday.
Were it not for people rallying around I would have had nothing to eat
today and no room. I've got something for today now but
can't keep going on like this day in day out, it's so draining.
Please help Rob by donating here:  
Thank you very much.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The DWP Jackboot

The DWP ministers have never expressed remorse for the welfare deaths and suicides of disabled people, and Esther McVey, who spewed venom at the disabled last Easter, should demonstrate contrition and be the first to condemn the brutal physical attack on Andrew Thorton, a mild-mannered young man with cerebral palsy and learning difficulties.

Yet she and her fellow DWP ministers remain silent, putting the Department's jackboot on our faces. The imprint of disability hate is ugly.