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Friday, February 28, 2020

Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies:

Volume 14, Issue 1

Special Issue: Disability and the Emotions

JLCDS is available from Liverpool University Press, online and in print, to institutional and individual subscribers; it is also part of the Project MUSE collection to which the links below point. 


Introduction: Disability and the Emotions
David Bolt

Chronic Pain as Emotion
Emma Sheppard

Reconsidering the Role of Pity in Oscar Wilde's "The Star-Child"
Chris Foss

Embracing Disorientation in the Disability Studies Classroom
Ryan C. Parrey

Reflections on the Boom of Graphic Pathography: The Effects and Affects of Narrating Disability and Illness in Comics
Gesine Wegner

Crip Feelings/Feeling Crip
Brady James Forrest

Demanding Money with Menaces: Fear and Loathing in the Archipelago of Confinement
Owen Barden

Comment from the Field

Disability and the Emotions, Seminar Series, Phase One, Centre for Culture and Disability Studies
Holly Lightburn

Disability and the Emotions, Seminar Series, Phase Two, Centre for Culture and Disability Studies, Liverpool Hope University
Amy Redhead

Book Reviews

Autistic Disturbances: Theorizing Autism Poetics from the DSM to Robinson Crusoe by Julia Miele Rodas (review)
Rachael Nebraska Lynch

Cultural Disability Studies in Education: Interdisciplinary Navigations of the Normative Divide by David Bolt (review)
Lauren Beard