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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Anthology on Autism and Race (by autistic people of color)

Hello everyone,

I'm collaborating with the Autism Women's Network to edit a new anthology
on autism and race to be written entirely by autistic people of color. The
vast majority of literature about autism, whether written by autistics or
non-autistics, largely excludes the voices and experiences of autistic
people of color, and we're hoping to change that conversation. You can read
more about the history and vision for this project (and watch/listen to our
captioned and transcribed intro video) at our fundraiser page

Right now, we are fundraising on IndieGoGo
<> to cover the
costs of printing and publication, since AWN is a tiny nonprofit with a
small budget, and we'd like to produce the anthology independent of any
corporate publishing house. The costs will go toward publishing the
anthology in a variety of formats so it will be as accessible as possible
-- large print, standard print, Braille, e-book formats, etc. We have a
total projected budget of $10,000 to cover all associated costs, and in the
first week of the fundraiser, have raised the first $1,000, but need to
find the rest in the next four weeks. If you can donate anything, or know
anyone else who might be able and willing, it would be awesome to pass on
the link.

We have also published the submission guidelines for the anthology
<>, so please share
far and wide. We're especially hoping that autistic people of color who
live *outside *the United States will submit since much literature focuses
only on U.S. perspectives. We're also particularly interested in centering
people who are Black, queer, trans*, chronically ill, poor, migrant, young,
mad, or multiply-disabled. We welcome artists and activists, as well as
scholars. The submission deadline is November 15th.

Thank you so much for any help on either front, and I'm looking forward to
reading any submissions!

*Lydia Brown*
+1 202-618-0187 (voice or text)

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