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Sunday, September 23, 2012

United Kingdom Government Denounced for Crimes Against Disabled People to International Criminal Court in The Hague


  1. Perhaps you'd be interested in my blog on the subject?

    1. Thank you so much for your blog post, which is superlative and will be helpful to many—including myself—in the submission of human rights complaints against the British government.

      I've tweeted your blog piece and I'm certain that it will receive accolades.

      Thank you again and best wishes.


  2. Hello Samuel,

    Thank you for your comments. A
    watered-down version of the blog is
    available at
    blog under the title "Myles Blog - The People Versus The Coalition". It got a number of comments, most of them criticising the piece. Seems as if telling the truth upsets some people.

    I will certainly be publicising your blog and will pass on any relevant news items.


    Myles Cook (Valen)

  3. i wish you well Samuel in getting the information you need from the government with regards the hundreds/thousands of people who have died in going through the welfare reform process of which the UK has never seen before

    personally i don't think you will get what you need and the deaths will just continue of course i hope I'm wrong but i doubt it

    I think these deaths will just be swept under the carpet and over time everyone bar the relatives of the deceased will have forgotten