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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cuts Cafe (Message From Mental Health Resistance Network)

HI Folks,

See message below from Andy at DPAC.


please see the message below for details of the 'cuts cafe' , in the run up to the TUC march on october 20th. 

please contact them directly if you would like to get involved. 

please circulate through your networks.


Cuts Cafe is Go!

The government tells us that cuts to public services and social security are needed to save an economy in crisis, but in reality the crisis is capitalism.
For the two weeks leading up to the Trade Union Congress demonstration on October 20th, Cuts Café will provide a radical space in Central London to build resistance to these devastating cuts, and to explore the real alternatives to austerity.
It will be open for all of us who are affected, whether we are people with disabilities, women, migrants, workers, pensioners, students, unemployed,... or anyone else not part of the privileged elite who are enriching themselves in this 'crisis'.
By sharing this reclaimed space, we hope people working in their community, local anti-cuts, student, or autonomous groups, as well as the trade unions, will be able to collectively and democratically build positive alternatives with which to challenge the 'politics as usual' forced upon us.
This will be an opportunity for connections to form outside of those groups that we may already be involved with, and to reinvigorate the anti-cuts movement at the grassroots level.
Cuts Café, being part of a movement for creating equality and real democracy, will be organized without discrimination and, as much as possible, without hierarchy. We welcome you to come and participate in the running of the space.
If you or your group would like to facilitate a workshop or skillshare, screen a film, hold a discussion, or use the space in any other way please get in touch! You can also contribute by helping to provide some of the more material resources needed for the day-today running of the space, or just by coming down to share a bit of your time.
For more information email or to propose an event get us at

Twitter: @Cuts_Cafe
Facebook:é/362777590463045 <>

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