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Thursday, September 20, 2012

CCDS seminar series 2012-13

Culture and Disability: Changing Attitudes.
CCDS Seminar Series 2012-13

Mad in Court: Mentally Disabled Pro Se Litigants and the Complex Embodiment
of Mind.
Catherine Prendergast 3 Oct 2012

The Bhopal Disaster, Literature and Charity Advertising.
Clare Barker 7 Nov 2012

Colonization, Disability, and the Intranet: The Ethnic Cleansing of Space?
Alan Hodkinson 5 Dec 2012

'Lexism' and the Temporal Problem of Defining Dyslexia.
Craig Collinson 30 Jan 2013

Evaluative Criticism in Cultural Disability Studies: Past, Present, or
Ria Cheyne 27 Feb 2013

Visualizing Disability.
Alice Hall 20 Mar 2013

The Work of Collaborative Illness Narratives.
Stella Bolaki 24 Apr 2013

The Art of Inclusion: Examining the Curious Relationship Between Art and
Design Education, Disability, and Special Educational Needs.
Claire Penketh 29 May 2013

"If We were Cavemen We'd be Fine": Recontextualising Dyslexia in a
Digitally-mediated Social Network.
Owen Barden 19 Jun 2013

This seminar series will run at 2.15pm–3.45pm, in Eden 109, Liverpool Hope
University, United Kingdom.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. David Bolt

Director, Centre for Culture & Disability Studies

Editor, Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies

Lecturer, Education and Disability Studies

Founder, International Network of Literary & Cultural Disability Scholars


Telephone: 0151 291 3346

Office: EDEN 128

Postal address: Graduate School, Faculty of Education, Liverpool Hope
University, Liverpool, L16 9JD.

Coming soon: The Madwoman and The Blindman: Jane Eyre, Discourse,
Disability, edited by David Bolt, Julia Miele Rodas, and Elizabeth J.

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