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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

U.S. Senate Vote On Disability Rights

I am sending this message along to you both as a personal supporter of
the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilites (CRPD
<> ) and as
representative of The Association on Higher Education And Disability
(AHEAD <> ) which supports the Convention as well.

While it does require anything beyond the ADA here in the US, I believe
the CRPD has the potential to facilitate international travel, business
opportunities and markets for individuals with disabilities as well as
expanding options for study abroad international exchanges of students
and scholars that are so critical for tomorrow's education and economy.

I know the CRPD will improve the experience of disability for literally
millions of people across the globe.

I know the CRPD will not undercut US sovereignty and that calling your
senator will send a message that as an individual and a country we
recognize that disability is an inextricable part of human experience
and that all of us should be treated with fairness and dignity.

The CRPD was considered by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last
week (Thursday, 7/12), with testimony by several disability rights'
advocates.  As a result, the CRPD has been moved to "mark-up," which is
the final step before the committee votes to send the CRPD to the Senate
floor for a vote on ratification.  The CRPD is scheduled for mark-up on
Thursday, July 19.

As you will see from the message below, there are several powerful
groups lobbying against the ratification of the CRPD.  As they step up
their efforts, those of us in favor of ratification need to step up
ours.  AHEAD is urging its members to contact their Senators, to
identify themselves as a constituent and a member of the Association on
Higher Education and Disability.  I encourage you to consider similar
action, regardless of your affiliation with AHEAD.  Call your Senator
and Indicate that you support ratification of the CRPD and urge them to
ask their colleagues on the Foreign Relations Committee to send the CRPD
to the Senate floor so that they can vote in favor of ratification.  If
your Senator sits on the Foreign Relations Committee, ask him or her to
send the CRPD to the Senate floor and then vote for ratification.

You may find contact information for your Senators by visiting:

Please email or call your Senators today.


L. Scott Lissner, Ohio State University ADA Coordinator, Office Of
Diversity And Inclusion
  Associate, John Glenn School of Public Affairs
  Lecturer, Knowlton School of Architecture, Moritz College of Law &
Disability Studies

  President, Association on Higher Education And Disability

  Chair, ADA-OHIO
  Appointed,  Ohio Governor's Council For People With Disabilities,
State HAVA Committee &

  Columbus Advisory Council on Disability Issues

(614) 292-6207(v); (614) 688-8605(tty) (614) 688-3665(fax);
Http:// <>

291 W. Lane Ave
<> ,
Columbus, OH 43210-1266

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