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Saturday, July 28, 2012

re: Can you helpme out?

Craig Meyer found the link and sent it to me.  It was from NatGeo and can be found at this link:

The part to which I refer starts at about 2:25.

What disturbs me is that this young fellow, who seems to be quite accomplished, is deprived of the opportunity to find someone with whom he can be intimate on his own.  He got an education and training, he found a job, he seems to have friends, people seem to like him, and I think he could attract sexual partners using his own charm, skill, and talents.

However, his government is saying to him, "You are so awful the only way you can get female companionship is to pay someone for it."  I do not think that is true but I think the government program that ties pork chops around the necks of people like him to get dogs to play with him is an insult to him, and he does not even realize he is being insulted.

Dan Gilbert

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