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Monday, July 23, 2012

Blind With Camera workshop: Non-retinal photography in India

*Infinite Ability <>*, the disability
subgroup of Medical Humanities Group of University College of Medical
Sciences, (UCMS), Delhi is organizing a workshop entitled ‘*Blind With
Camera*’. This is an attempt to empower the visually impaired and blind
student’s of Delhi University. The mission is to create a community where
people with visual impairment can learn, participate, enjoy and practice
the art of photography.

As workshop organizers we believe that disability is a diverse human
condition, people with disability are “differently-abled” and art by them
is an invaluable form of expressions. We can prove that they have
interesting way to perceive and lead life and art “by” all and “for” all
can lead to an equitable society.

Mr Partho Bhowmick started the *Blind With Camera* project in 2006 and
successfully driven the project into a national exhibition travelling
across India. Early 2009, he founded the Beyond Sight Foundation, a
not-for-profit organization prompting the art of photography in people with
visual impairment and capacity building around the “Non-Retinal” Art
culture in India. It provides a platform for the visually impaired to share
their “Inner Gallery” of images – their imagination and point-of-view of
the visual world, and speak out about their unique experience, feelings,
challenges and hopes.

Pictures taken by the visually impaired during the photo workshop on 27-28
August will be converted into touchable raised pictures, trainers will
describe the picture and guide the participants to understand the raised
pictures by touch. A part of the workshop will be devoted to sensory
photography for the sighted. Here, in a role reversal, trained visually
impaired photographer will guide blindfolded sighted people to take
pictures. Sensory photography bring sighted people in contact with visually
impaired – reduce the gap between “us” and “them.”

These pictures will then be exhibited in accessible ways (touch & feel
images, audio tours, Braille notes, Large Prints and visual aids)along with
normal photographs on 3 December 2012 on the occasion of International Day
of Persons with Disabilities. We hope, this public “inclusive” exhibition
will go a long in spreading awareness and encouraging specials schools to
used multisensory materials for general education for the visually impaired
(an approach which is not extensively used in India).

The Enabling Unit, UCMS <> and Equal
Opportunity Cell, Delhi University are the joint partners of this workshop.

Dr Satendra Singh, MD, FSS
Assistant Professor of Physiology
University College of Medical Sciences
& GTB Hospital, Delhi, India-110095
Coordinator, Equal Opportunity Cell
Founder, Infinite Ability

Infinite Ability: exploring disAbility through
Medical Education Unit, UCMS <>
Enabling Unit, EOC, UCMS <>

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