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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spring Discount! Documenting Disabilities -- Films for the Educational Community

Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day with two films that are both heartwarming
and useful for training?

You will discover these award-winning films focus on people with
disabilities who make enormous impacts on their communities. The films are
trusted learning tools for higher education institutions. Both films are at
once timely and perennial and with their high content value, they provide
years of learning and teaching possibilities.

Limited time – Two DVDs are on sale!
55% percent off both films!

Purchase before Feb. 29th at $89 - use promo code “DSHUM” at:

"We bought the films for our women's studies, community health,
pre-nursing, and diversity studies programs. There are so many uses for
them. Students are fascinated by a glimpse into a world they've not
experienced." – Alice Deakins, Professor at William Paterson University,
New Jersey

The Collector of Bedford
Street<>– click
here <> to view
Nominated for an Academy Award, this film features community activist Larry
Selman, a 63 year-old with an intellectual disability who collects money
for a variety of charities. When his last surviving relative's health
begins to fail, Larry's community sets up a supplemental trust to ensure he
is able to live independently in the future. To date, Larry has raised half
a million dollars and was a recipient of the 2009 Caring
alongside Colin Powell! ****

Body & Soul: Diana &
- click
here <> to view trailer!
Diana Braun has Down Syndrome and Kathy Conour has Cerebral Palsy and is
non-verbal. The two women met at a sheltered workshop in Illinois three
decades ago and vowed to live independent, non-institutionalized lives
together. They are tireless self-advocates who expand our vision of human
capability. This award-winning documentary was most recently the foundation
of a new online course launched by the College of Direct Support, called "Film
for Thought<>

Also available: purchase The Collector of Bedford
 and Body & Soul: Diana &
for online viewing. Click titles for more info!


We hope you will take a moment to learn about these films, which include
people with a variety of abilities in many settings. ****


Thanks very much for your time.

With warm regards,

Madeleine Pryor
Outreach Director
Welcome Change Productions
107 Bedford Street, upper one
New York, NY  10014

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