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Saturday, February 25, 2012

"My mother’s voice, my father’s eye, and my other body: The sound of deaf photographs"

Recently posted on the Disability Studies in the Humanities [DS-HUM] listserv:

Hello DS-HUMers,

I am a Ph.D. from UC Riverside working on a manuscript of my dissertation
that traces Deafened gestures through twentieth century literature.  I have
been following this discussion for the last few years and have met a few of
you at various conferences.  The work and discussions here are both
informative and inspirational!

More recently, I have been using a critical and theoretical lens to bear on
memoir as I think through the intersections of voice, body and sign language
as a CODA.  This week my multimedia composition: "my mother’s voice, my
father’s eye, and my other body: the sound of deaf photographs" is featured
on Sounding Out!(, an informative online discussion
about the role of sound and listening in contemporary culture, as part two
of a three-part discussion at the intersection of deafness, disability
studies and sound studies.

I would love to join this conversation and welcome feedback from the DS-HUM
community;  let's show SoundingOut! that there is an audience interested in
listening to Deafness!

direct link:

C.L. Cardinale

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