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Thursday, February 23, 2012

DILEMATA 8 (2012), International Journal of Applied Ethics

DILEMATA 8 (2012), International Journal of Applied Ethics. Available in
open access!

Just published on the web
the full content of this issue of DILEMATA.  The debate section
is revolves about the work of Alfred I.Tauber, whose book Confessions of a Medicine Man(MIT Press 1999)has been recently translated into Spanish.
The issue includes an article byGregor Wolbring “Therapeutic Enhancements
and the View of Rehabilitation Educators”which presents the results of a survey on perceptions of human
enhancement among rehabilitation educators, The article is entirely written in
English.Dilemata is
an Open Access journal sponsored by the Spanish Research Council (CSIC)

You are invited to consult the Journal, to send your comments (we
provide a
space for that), and to submit your proposals. We look forward to
being yours, too!
Melania Moscoso, Ph.D
Investigadora JAE DOC / Postdoctoral Researcher Instituto de FilosofĂ­a, CSIC Spanish National Research Council
C/ Albasanz 26-28 (despacho 3B18)
28037 Madrid;jsessionid=F1A87A1417817D1ECED5429E8D6240EE?query=moscoso+melania
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