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Monday, October 15, 2012

Merry Cross Will Interview Mo Stewart Tomorrow Afternoon On Her Radio Show

(Letter posted with Mo Stewart's permission, with some editing)

It seems I am the last person to find out about the very welcome activities of Merry Cross, who has a 2 hour window on local radio, every week, that's transmitted across the Internet and which covers disability issues.
It seems Merry has been exposing the activities of Unum Insurance for a while, in relation to this ongoing gvt attack on disabled people, and I am to be interviewed on air, tomorrow afternoon, from about 2.30pm.  The radio show is on air from 2pm - 4pm every Tues afternoon - but no doubt you already know about it?
Let's hope I can remember to remind Linda that the DWP have confirmed, in writing, that the Atos £100million per annum contract HAS NEVER BEEN AUDITED, and that COHPA are the greatest influence on gvt  regarding these bogus assessments that few people know about.... Just ask Dame Carol Black....
Perhaps I'll remember to remind her that Iain Duncan Smith stood up at the Tory Party Conference and complained about the 'interference' of the European Court of Human Rights, and I could tell her that the UK gvt has already been reported to the United Nations for atrocities against our most vulnerable people?
I may even remember to remind her that the BBC TV News report back in 2007, (attached)  that exposed UNUM Insurance as a bogus operation, was suddenly removed from the BBC website and the reporter suddenly developed amnesia when questioned...  Happily, disability activists smelled a rat and downloaded it BEFORE the BBC could hide it...
Then again, my short-term memory is poor so I may well forget all of these things...  I could remember to remind Merry that the entire national press have been compromised and all, without exception, refuse to expose the involvement of this dangerous and discredited corporate US insurance giant, behind the scenes, with the UK gvt. claiming that they fear possible litigation BUT Private Eye have been exposing Unum since 1994, see attached, and the Disability News Service have exposed Unum Insurance at least 8 times, in the past 12 months, without any consequences.
The national press are silenced by gvt control and nothing else.  Unum can't in all credibility threaten litigation if everything reported is confirmed by evidence and court cases. 
Merry has had access to my reports etc but I have no idea where the interview will lead as I'm not in control of the questions/interview..... 
At the moment, there is no opportunity to 'listen again' so the possible audience may not be too large but the potential audience, over the Internet, is huge.
I hope you may have the opportunity to listen, to advise if I sounded OK and said the right things as, at this moment in time, I have no idea what I will be talking about apart from the fact that this ongoing protest against Atos, by the disability groups, is a welcome distraction for the gvt.... Atos are rewarded for taking all ther flack with gvt contracts now worth a reported £3BILLION - that's gotta be worth some angry protesters distracting the press from the real culprits as the UK gvt move our welfare system to the American system, to be funded by private insurance.... just ask the new Health Sec... his book back in 2005 talked about 'privatising' national insurance... !!
Whilst concentrating their direct actions, these protests by the disability groups are playing directly into the gvt's hands.
It was no doubt anticipated and expected, whilst no-one is exposing the real enemy which is, of course, the dangerous influence of UNUM Insurance....  as aided and abetted by Mansel Aylward.... who has now changed his mind about the BPS model of disability.... SEE attached press release that no national press have reacted to ...
" In times of tyranny and injustice when law oppresses the people, the outlaw takes his place in history."
Robin Hood - directed by Ridley Scott

Mo Stewart
Disability researcher
Disabled veteran (WRAF)
Retired healthcare professional

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