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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Help for friend bringing class to London

A friend who is a social work prof.  is bringing a small group to London
and would like them to have some experience related to disability.
Here's what she wrote me, and if anyone has a good idea, please contact me
off-list.  Thanks.

Thanks for your offer to make some connections for my social work students
in London this January. I don't have any site visits or programming in
disabilities yet, and would welcome an opportunity to take a look at what
is going on in the UK in that arena. disability studies has not been an
area of experience or study for me, and I welcome the opportunity to become
more aware and conversant.
The course is designed to expose students to  social work services in the
UK-various organizations and service providers, meet with professional
social workers, visit relevant museums, historical sites, and providers.
Most of the programming so far is in the mental health and social care
areas, but I hope to also have some opportunity to look at  social justice
and community organizing,criminal justice, substance abuse, domestic
violence, immigration, and disabilities services. we are looking for
speakers/ lecturers who can present on these issues as well as current
trends and  policy issues in social care, and make a comparison to the
united states.
We are a small group, 5 students, so the opportunity for casual , intimate
conversations and visits is quite manageable.
so far we will be visiting Toynbee hall, the diversity and immigration
museum,  the freud museum, touring the east end looking at street art and
community organizing, and I am trying to arrange a visit to the Tavistock
Clinic. I have a few social workers lined up who my students will meet with
and perhaps shadow.
Lennard J. Davis
Distinguished Professor, College of Liberal  Arts and Sciences
Department of English
Department of Disability and Human Development
Department of Medical Education
Director, Project Biocultures

Mailing Address:
Department of English (MC 162)
University of Illinois at Chicago
601 South Morgan Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607-7120
Office: UH 2020
Phone: 312 413 8910
Fax: 347-346-6619
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Go Ask Your Father--website:
Editor, Routledge Series Integrating Science and Culture

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