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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Opportunity Notice: Franklin Fellowship

Opportunity to Work with the Special Advisor for International
Disability Rights

U.S. Department of State

Franklin Fellows Program

Position Description

The Program

The U.S. Department of State is the President's primary advisor on the
conduct of international relations. The Department recommends and
implements U.S. foreign policy, managing human and material resources to
engage with over 162 countries and numerous international organizations.
The Department's professionals address critical national security
challenges across the globe, while working in this country with a broad
spectrum of other government agencies, Congress, the non-profit and
private sectors and representatives of foreign governments and entities.

Since the end of the Cold War, the range and complexity of issues facing
the international community have grown exponentially.  In order to
strengthen its ability to deal with this plethora of issues and to draw
on the expertise of experienced professionals working in disciplines
related to them, the Department of State has launched the Franklin
Fellows Program <> .  Fellows, serving as
unpaid volunteer consultants, provide background and policy
recommendations within their host offices in the Department, and
undertake other duties as directed, including representing the
Department in the interagency context and possibly traveling
internationally on Department business.

Talented, imaginative professionals not only enrich the Department's
deliberations on foreign policy formulation but also are of greater
value to their sponsoring organizations when they return.  The
experience gained by Fellows serving within the Department and sharing
their knowledge and expertise to strengthen U.S. public diplomacy is
invaluable, as is their contribution to the U.S. Government.

The Department accepts nominations from universities, non-governmental
organizations and private-sector employers for Franklin Fellows to work
one to two years on a vital issue of concern to the Department.  The
Department also accepts offers of financial support for highly qualified
individuals whose organizations may not be able to offer full support
during the Fellowship period.  The Department accepts self-nominations,
but such individuals will need to sponsor themselves as the Franklin
Fellows Program <>  is not funded by the U.S.
Government. Further information about the Program can be found at: <>

The following Franklin Fellow position is now open and candidates are
being sought. Interested candidates may contact the Special Advisor
directly at: <>

Specialist on International Disability Rights and Inclusion (DRL/SADR)

Synopsis: The Fellow will provide advice and guidance on the development
of policies and strategies to ensure the inclusion of persons in U.S.
public diplomacy efforts and programs.  The Fellow will work as part of
a Team under the leadership of Ms. Judith Heumann, Special Advisor for
International Disability Rights located in the Bureau of Democracy,
Human Rights and Labor of the Department of State.


*         Leadership experience advancing the inclusion of women,
persons with disabilities, or other minorities in programs and services
in international development programs, in government service, in an
academic institution or in the private sector

*         International professional experience working for an
international organization or multi-national corporation

*         Knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities useful

*         Firsthand knowledge of disability, either having a disability
or having a family member with a disability especially useful

*         Knowledge of a foreign language(s) useful


*         Review and suggest ways to strengthen U.S. public diplomacy in
order to ensure the inclusion of disability issues and persons with

*         Propose ways to strengthen the inclusion of disability issues
and persons with disabilities in existing or new programs of the State

*         Formulate recommendations on additional ways in which
disability rights and the inclusion of persons with disabilities might
be promoted by civil society organizations and the private sector

*         Work with the Special Advisor and other officials to
strengthen the inclusion of disability rights in the priorities and
activities of other Bureaus within the State Department

*         Maintain contact with and involve interested international and
national partners, particularly organizations of persons with
disabilities, NGOs, universities, private sector companies as well as UN
agencies, in the development and implementation of strategies

*         Represent the Special Advisor in meetings of other Offices,
Bureaus, Working Groups and other entities internal to the State

*         Participate in external meetings, conferences and missions to
other countries upon the request of the Special Advisor

Mission of the Special Advisor:

The Special Advisor for International Disability Rights is charged with
"the development of a comprehensive strategy to promote the rights of
persons with disabilities internationally; coordinate an interagency
process for the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons
with Disabilities; ensure that foreign assistance incorporates persons
with disabilities; ensure that the needs of persons with disabilities
are addressed in international situations; and conduct public diplomacy,
including with civil society, on disability issues".

Visit the Facebook page of the Special Advisor for more information:!/SAHeumann

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