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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Linguistic Ableism in Online Grammar Guides

Hello all,

My name is Emily Michael, and I am a graduate English student at the University of North Florida.

Using Nicole Amare’s 2007 article “Where Is She?: Gender Occurrences in Online Grammar Guides” as a model, I want to embark on a study of linguistic ableism in online grammar guides. Amare's study examined cases of linguistic sexism that included use  of "the generic he," gender stereotypes, order of mention, and male-to-female ratios. Linguistic ableism could share some of these criteria– namely, order of mention and ratio of nondisabled-to-disabled subjects.

I am still in the planning stages of this study and the current scope of the project is small. If anyone can direct me toward further reading on linguistic ableism or studies of a similar nature, I would greatly appreciate the assistance.

With best,

Emily Michael
University of North Florida
Department of English

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