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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Yelling Clinic Goes to Vietnam

Yelling Clinic needs your support!

As some of you know, in three weeks the Yelling Clinic goes from
california to Vietnam. Yelling Clinic is a disability arts collective
co-founded by artists Sunaura Taylor, Katherine Sherwood, Ehren Tool and
Chau Thuy Huynh.

Please checkout our Indiegogo Campaign:

Yelling Clinic is focused on issues of war, pollution and disability. We
are traveling to Vietnam to meet disabled activists and artists who have
been affected by the legacy of Agent Orange. Our goal is to raise awareness
about the human costs of war and war pollution around the globe, while at
the same time facilitating empowered discourses through which war
disabilities can be viewed. Yelling Clinic was born out of a desire to mix
artistic practice with community outreach, art instruction, and activism.
We are not traveling to Vietnam to teach or to offer charity, but instead
to learn from the disability activism that is happening there and to engage
in mutual conversation and creative projects around these issues.

We are asking for financial support as the details of this trip continue to
add up. We have our tickets and hotels covered thanks to other support, but
so much of what we are doing has yet to be funded. We could really use your

Here again is a link to our Indiegogo campaign, where you can learn more
about us, help us with financial support, and find out about the pretty
fabulous perks you can get by supporting us!

We are incredibly grateful to find that after only one day, a quarter of
our goal has been met! Thanks so much for your help!

You can learn more about us at

Thank you all and happy holidays!

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