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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Please Support This Urgent Fundraising Appeal

Hi, my name is Mandi. However you came to hear about my blog thank you so much for taking the time to learn about the distressing situation I now find myself in. Like thousands of other people registered as disabled in the UK, I am another victim of the government's cruel and extreme cuts to disability benefits. Benefits desperately needed to make ends meet. I suffer from Multiple sclerosis (MS) which affects nerves in the brain and spinal cord, causing a wide range of symptoms including problems with muscle movement, balance and vision. There is no cure for this condition, it will only get worse over time. I have worked hard all my life but when the MS struck the symptoms were so debilitating everything became much harder, including my job. I continued working for as long as I could, then my health deteriorated so drastically that working became impossible. Like most people on benefits, I am not a "scrounger" as the government and mainstream media like to label people. Like most people I had lived a regular life and paid my taxes for many decades, but as my MS got worse I needed the welfare system as my safety net, the system I had contributed to for many decades through my working years. While I was working I was able to buy my own one-bedroomed flat, but I am now in the desperate position of having to seriously consider selling my home, a small flat that is adapted to meet my needs as an MS sufferer, and to then rent that same flat back off a company for three times what my mortgage payments have been. I have no other means of supporting myself and I live with the constant fear that my ESA and DLA will be cut back to nothing at all before too long now, for this seems to be the government's agenda. If I lose my home I will be completely at the mercy of the government and could well end up as another homeless disabled person. The dread of that terrifies me and is affecting my mental wellbeing now , so my health problems are compounding as the months go on. I am asking everyone to has kindly read this page if they would consider donating a small amount to help me keep my flat, so that I don't have to sell it, and lose the last bit of security I have. Any amount you can afford to give would be so gratefully appreciated, even £1 would be really helpful. If you aren't in a position to donate any money, you could still help so much by sharing this blog.

If I can secure my living accommodation I know my mental wellbeing will improve no end and that will help me manage my MS symptoms much better once again. My ultimate goal is to come off benefits and work from home, proofreading, this will give me a small income to at least meet the bills and eat, without the distress of claiming disability benefits, but my health condition needs to be more under control than it currently is, for me to be able to do that. Thank you so much for reading about my desperate situation. I know many others are suffering and I send my best wishes to all of them and I urge them to try to stay strong, as I am trying to do. I send my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who is able to help me find a way out of the dreadful situation I have found myself in through no fault of my own, I was just unlucky enough to develop MS. Thank you for your time, Mandi


  1. I am very sorry to read about your circumstances, Mandi, which are similar to my own, and many others, as you say. Staying strong is difficult, and we need each other if we are to fight the injustice of the discriminatory policies that are ruining people's lives, just because they became ill and disabled. And yes, it can happen to anyone, through no fault of their own. It happened to me.

    I worked as a mental health social worker for young people, and bought my house. It was a very modest mortgage. I've four sons and I'm a lone parent. I have lupus. I worked for years whilst I could, and then became too ill to work. My immune system is so compromised I kept getting pneumonia and kidney infections, as well developing a bleeding disorder, my eyesight deteriorated and I have some symptoms of MS, too, and widespread tendon damage, amongst the more usual symptoms of lupus.

    I had to fight an unfair dismissal at tribunal, but my mother died, and my dad was terminally ill at the time, so it was all very difficult and had an impact on my health, too. My employer acted fairly reasonably in the end but not without legal intervention.

    I lost my house, it was repossesed in 2011, the DWP didn't even pay the interest on my mortgage as they were supposed to. I moved into rented accomodation, the housemove triggered a serious flare of illness because of the worry and strain. The rent is £100 a month more than my mortgage was. Then I had the Atos assessment, and was found fit for work. I went 9 months with hardly any money to live on, and my rent wasn't covered fully by housing benefit. I appealed and won. Then was reassessed 3 months after winning the tribunal ... revolving door.

    I have no money to contribute atm, I write blogs to raise awareness and do what I can because I know there are so many like you and I, Mandi.

    What I can do, though, is show this to a group of people that provide some short term financial support to help people like us get through times when we are at risk, if that's okay. They may be able to help, hopefully.

    Best wishes, Sue

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