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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Musings on the Plight of Britain's Disabled

Thinking about writing an essay on Albert Camus in relation to the plight of Britain's disabled.  The "plague" is austerity and the disabled are the innocent who are made to suffer.  But like Dr. Rieux, the disabled  show fortitude, courage and persistence in the face of adversity.  That is truly grace under pressure.

Interesting, too, that Camus not only grew up in poverty but suffered from tuberculosis throughout his life.

"The Plague" was published in 1947 and is obviously an allegory of the German occupation of France. While   not outright accuse the Tory government of being Nazis, they do seem intent on sentencing Britain's disabled to a life of entrenched poverty and despair. 

My vantage point is, admittedly, less than ideal, for I'm writing this from Canada—but even across the pond, distance can bring some perspective to an issue. supporting   Britain disabled face onerous cuts to, and even loss of, disability benefits if the amendments to the Welfare Reform Bill are overturned

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