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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fundraising Appeal From Left Foot Forward

Dear Friend,
TONIGHT at the private members’ club, Hurlingham, the Tories will host around 500 of the mega-wealthy to raise funds that they hope will fool the public into forgetting everything they’ve done since coming to power.
Last year at a similar private fundraiser, David Cameron rubbed shoulders with the likes of Vladimir Putin’s aide (and judo partner), Vasily Shestakov, and the lobbyists who represent the wife of the Syrian president Asma al-Assad. 449 of the super-rich, holding a combined £11 billion, paid £12,000 per table and then donated a further £5 million.
The strength of the left is in the power of us all coming together to combat these few mega-wealthy individuals. Can you donate £5 right now to help us?
Click here to chip in just £5:
Between all of us, every little bit makes a big difference. Thank you for supporting us.
Best wishes,
James Bloodworth, Left Foot Forward

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