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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Invitation To Dance: A Documentary Film By Simi Linton & Christian Von Tippelskirch

April 5, 2013
Dear Samuel,
We are excited to announce the launch of the website and social media campaign for our documentary, Invitation to Dance. We are in the final stages of post-production, and we are setting the campaign in motion to generate a buzz and a demand for this eye opening film.

As the filmmakers of Invitation to Dance, we are very proud of the documentary we will soon present to you. It is both a personal story and a historical narrative about Simi Linton's life as a disabled woman over the past forty years, and the dramatic growth of the disability rights movement in those decades.

Invitation to Dance is a never-before told coming-out story of disabled people emerging from the shadows, breaking through barriers, and defying stereotypes.

As we work to complete the film, we need you to help us create a robust and enthusiastic Invitation to Dance community.  Together we can bring the film to a broad public, incite conversation on the meaning of disability in 21st century America, and mobilize a call to action.

We all need to demonstrate to the public that this work is timely and necessary, and show distributors and public television stations that there is an audience for this film. 

Please visit our website, view the trailer, join the ITD community on Facebook and Twitter, and follow the Invitation to Dance Blog. We promise to engage you in exciting conversation and meaningful action.

Sign up, sign on, and shout out!!

Our best and our thanks,
Simi Linton & Christian von Tippelskirch

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