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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

P R O T E U S —A J o u r n a l o f I d e a s: The Body in Culture and Society

A J o u r n a l o f  I d e a s
The Body in Culture and Society
Volume 28:1
Spring 2012

"As a relatively new area of study, there is much to be learned about the role of the body in shaping our identity, experiences, and society, as well as how society shapes our understanding of and treatments of the body. This volume represents a valuable contribution to this growing field. In particular, the interdisciplinary nature of Proteus allows us to consider the body through a rich and varied set of lenses. I hope "The Body in Culture and Society" offers you new and innovative ways to rethink the long naturalized body."
--Allison Carey, p. 3

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