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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Hurry Tomorrow" documentary about life on a locked psychiatric ward

I have mentioned this film before.

HURRY TOMORROW is a documentary I made and distribute.  It looks at life on a locked ward in a state run psychiatric hospital in 1975.  While they last...  I am selling The 35th Anniversary 2 disc set for big discounts to colleges and for private use.  The second disc includes the shortened version of my student documentary about a romance in a halfway house in Los Angeles (a pilot for Hurry Tomorrow), and a rough-cut documentary about the 1982 voter passed ban on shock treatment in Berkeley, California and the people behind the unprecedented election campaign.  Absent from this cut are news footage clips.  The film provides a glimpse into the early years of the psychiatric survivors political movement.  A visual treat too if you enjoy vestiges of the filmmaker's toil (emulsion scratches, splices, fingerprints, grease pencil marks, dust, scratch narration...). -- Richard

Scenes from Hurry Tomorrow can be viewed at my website.  There is a short written history about the film's distribution and how it helped to build a political movement.


"Highly Recommended.  The emotional impact of the documentary and its thought provoking scenes remain an effective introduction to the concept of total institutions....  The film itself is a part of history.  After its initial release in 1975, then California Governor Jerry Brown was so appalled...."
EDUCATIONAL MEDIA REVIEWS ONLINE  Timothy Kneeland, History & Political Science Dept., Nazareth College of Rochester (2010)- review linked at website

"A crucifying indictments of ward conditions, drug companies and the violations of present laws.  The film is an act of courage and a warning about mind control told with compassion and rage."

"A disturbing indictment of the assaults on human dignity practiced in many of this country's mental hospitals"  Mack. VARIETY

"HURRY TOMORROW is the most important film on hospital life to emerge in the last ten years and goes way beyond TITICUT FOLLIES or ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST in its indictment of mental hospital conditions ... beautifully made.", Alan Rosenthal, THE DOCUMENTARY CONSCIENCE  (UC Berkeley Press)

"Harrowing.... The film provoked outrage and changed laws"   Linda Gross, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES
coming in late 2012: Keeps Me From Falling

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