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Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Book: Disability Culture and Community Performance, and many new videos online

Palgrave has made the Introduction available as a free PDF:

The introduction starts in an AXIS dance workshop, and also visits with the 2008 Sins Invalid performance, locating Olimpias practice in its local and beloved performance ecologies.

We also just put a lot of Olimpias videos up online. All are subtitled, and the first three will also come out later this summer as the Olimpias DVD Embodied Poetics, available for free for teachers, artists, activists and others who build disability culture.

Journey To The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin (2011, 8 mins)
Social somatics, social sculpture: a participatory performance focused on the Peter Eisenman Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Europe, located in Berlin. The disabled people of Germany sued for access to the site, and lost. A ritual action re-imagines a memorial of life.  Filmed at the Movement, Somatics and Writing Symposium, University of Michigan.

Cripple Poetics: A Love Story (2010, 11 mins)
Three poetry performances (The Metaphor of Wind in Cripple Poetics, I am Salmon, and At The Gynecologist?s) braid through dances captured at the Tele-Immersion Laboratory, University of California Berkeley.

water burns sun (2009, 7 mins)
A Butoh dance sheds light on skin, water, ghosts and the meanings of 'cripple.' Part of The Olimpias? Burning Performance Installations.

Earth Stories
(9 mins, work with mental health system survivors in Wales)

(5 mins, work with young adults with various disabilities, public installation video projected on city walls in central Manchester)

Disabled Lilacs: A Poetry Video
(4 mins, speech difference poetics)

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